Having Drank the Apple Juice


In 1977 I bought my first Apple computer: a venerable Apple ][ with 48K of memory and eventually my first floppy disk drive (at work we had eight inchers but this was 5.25).That Apple ][ lasted me several years and was eventually replaced by an IBM clone and later sold to a friend for his daughter. During its life I added a memory card (another 16K!!!), a modem card (300 Baud, no doubt), and learned Pascal when Apple made it available. It’s hard to believe now but I had a custom suitcase that allowed me to carry my Apple ][ with three disk drives and a bunch of other stuff which I used when I took my computer to work (there were no personal-type computers where I worked even though I was in the Computer Department). I loved my Apple ][ and the IBM clone only lasted a few months before I was severely strapped for cash and had to sell the whole thing to an accountant who needed to run Lotus 1-2-3.

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Welcome to iBooks: Beware! (updated)

Just a quick aside expressing my appreciation for my Apple products and especially the new iBooks application included with the latest release of the operating system—Mavericks which is free!.

iBooksI have been using iBooks on my iPad for some time now and enjoy the conveniences of electronic reading so much that I have been sending my paper and ink books to the Book Exchange and going almost exclusively with the digital editions. One complaint I have always had was that iBooks only runs on the iPad, forcing me to keep an old copy of the B&N Reader around to read books on the computer itself. Now with Mavericks, Apple has provided a version of iBooks for the computer that is both a copy of the original iBooks for the iPad and at the same time improved greatly.

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