New Books That Are Old

imgres-1.jpgThis, the first month of the year, I have dedicated to going back into older reading lists and hauling out a few titles that are in danger of growing moss before I actually get to read them. My first make-up list was all single titles and even then was only a small dent in my unread pile of best intentions but I felt I was really neglecting a few authors so I gave up a little extra space to try and catch up on the works of Iris Murdoch (an excellent author).

Most of the other titles I selected should be recognizable since many of them flew high on my reading lists month after month and some year and year.

Although I am beginning to realize that there just isn’t going to be enough time to read all the classics and the great books I have missed to date, I’m still peppering my reading with a little fluff, a touch of mystery, and a transgressive title or two. I may regret going off into the sunset not having read the complete works of Charles Dickens or Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy but I’ll just have to blame it on Finnegans Wake for permanently twisting my mind.

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