Remember To Check These Out

images.jpgNew book titles flow into my computer from online services, bookstores, other readers, travels to my bookcase, and sometimes even my friends, personal or academic. Although it often seems like I am grasping for books to recommend, the reality is probably that I could toss out a dozen suggestions every day and not come close to covering all the good reading out there, whether it’s newly published books or old classics that may have been around for umpteen years and even taught in schools.

Did you know that Joyce’s Ulysses was first published in 1922? That’s old: the centennial is coming up before you know it. And let’s not forget Homer’s epic on a similar topic. Surely you’ve read Ulysses and The Odyssey. If not, consider the two works excellent foundations for an understanding of literature .. and life.

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Make Mine March

img_0044Another make up month, this one to catch up on all the reading I missed last month when I was holed up in a small hotel room with only the dogs to talk to and a chilling urge to turn on the television and let my brain rot for a few hours.

I also have given in to reality (somewhat) and pared my monthly reading pool down to just twenty titles. This obviously gives me plenty of options for reading my usual eight books and even allows me to go for the high-end of traditionally shattered expectations and read twelve books or more during the month. Of course, I still have that ancillary list of titles I still have to finish from the previous month and unscheduled titles I discover at the library or bookstore (or under my still missing bed sheets in a moving box I just dug out of the storage closet).

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