And all the boards did shrink

I read that the Federal government is proposing a new allocation of the waters from the Colorado River. Jump in the Way-Back machine and return with me to a lecture hall at the university listening to a radical old professor explaining how the City of Los Angeles tried to grab all of the water to keep the front lawns green and the orange groves orange.

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Milk and Cookies

While reading a somewhat tedious 18th Century English novel, I was reminded that modes of transportation have evolved greatly in the last 200 years. In a time before automobiles or even bicycles, it evidently was common to get around town in a chair balanced on rails and spirited about by two husky gents. Like the rickshaw, this was a common method of transportation for those who could not afford a carriage but still were not about to be seen on foot, leap-frogging over the open sewers of the town.

I stopped to think.

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