February Was Weird

images.jpgDespite the limited number of days in this last month, historically I have pumped up my reading process and put January to shame … usually. This time it was just average and other than a couple of titles, not very memorable. Will March comes in like a lion and crush all expectations?


First, I decided to read the complete Wool cycle (there are many more by this author). I first heard of the original Wool novel as samizdat, eventually read it, enjoyed it, wasn’t sure of all the hype. Now I’m going back for the four following books to get the “big picture.” I’m also starting Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach trilogy. I have read an enjoyed VanderMeer in all his weirdness and have been wanting to start this trilogy: I guess it took the movie (which I will not see until it’s on cable) to poke me into action.

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