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How about those suggestions from March?

booksYou may have noticed that the suggestion for possible reading this site posts each day are scattershot at best: there are books I have yet to read, books I read long ago, books that are in the news, books you may never have heard of, short books, long books, usually good books, but sometimes a clunker or two (which is often a personal preference and can’t really be blamed on the book).

This last month was no different and I hope you try to fit a few of the titles into your upcoming reading. I see a few I certainly want to read quite soon. As usual, I assume no one was jotting down the titles day by day so here I present the full month’s suggestions. Which ones are for you?

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New Reading For March 2014

Trout FishingWhen I started building my reading pool for March 2014 I realized that I had many titles I wanted to read left over from the February pool. Although this is really not a problem since I post three times as many books as I could read normally, I do want to mix things up a bit more: after all, did I not read a book because I didn’t have enough time in the previous month, or did I subconsciously (or consciously) put off reading a book because other titles interested me more?

So to keep the party going, my new selection criteria includes a small penalty for already being on the list only to be passed over.

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Unite Women

Marches & Rallies are happening Nationwide on 04.28.12!

Go to UniteWomen.org for further information including the location of a march nearest you.