Do You Believe In Maroon?

I recently stumbled onto an avid reader who openly stated that she enjoyed “poetic prose.” Is this like “military intelligence”? I unhesitatingly dashed off a snide request for an exact definition of “poetic prose” but to be fair, I knew what she meant and her opinion was reasonable, but her word choice was faulty: what she should have said was that she enjoyed “figurative prose.”

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The Fifty Year Sword

No matter how in love you are with your Nook, how the text on your iPad is so clear and adjustable, how the velvet voice of the reader at Audible soothes your jangled nerves, you must always remember to purchase every novel by Mark Z. Danielewski in an early edition, hardback and at great cost. Why? Danielewski pays as much attention to the package—the physical book—as he does to the text itself. In fact, I might even suggest that Danielewski is a great creator of books but not necessarily a great writer of books.

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