Martin 5-18


Somewhere around 1965 I became more interested in playing the blues, which made my low-end but still excellent Spanish Classical guitar a poor choice for fretting my way down to the crossroads. One Saturday I went with a friend to a party where I discovered an entire room full of blues recordings … all that vinyl. Later on I even started my own collection of what were once termed “Race Records” but I discovered that entire catalogues had been bought up to bring out cheap “best of” collections from many of the old bluesmen and early blues labels.

One day my friend and I were cruising down to the semi-local music store (Ozzie’s) and they had a trade-in that I had to have.  I gave them my classical guitar, borrowed $75 bucks from my friend’s Dad (I’m sure I paid him back) and took home an early 1949 Martin 5-18. Although I added a D-28 in the early ’70s, that 5-18 was always around and until just last month, never was stored in any sort of case.

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