Reading Around the Galaxy

images.jpgIt’s been a tough month for reading. I was sick for almost three weeks and am still contending with bouts of low blood pressure. Note that low BP as well as low glucose turns normal vision into an endless parade of exploding stars and solar flares making it impossible to read.

But I have tried to keep up the web site and to discover at least one new title to suggest every day. Here are the titles suggested this last month:

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Bringing In the Harvest

imgres.jpgAs of last night I have rummaged through all of my bookshelves and sent several hundred books off to the Book Exchange and the Goodwill store with my neighbor’s burly son’s assistance. Suffice it to say that many of those books were very difficult to give up but for the most part they met my criteria for abandonment:

  • I already read the book
  • I have a verified digital copy of the book
  • I don’t see myself ever reading the book
  • The print is too small to even try to read the book.

The biggest reason not related to print size is that I have or can easily obtain a digital copy of the book. Wait: that is still related to print size since I can now alter the font so that my eyes might thank me.

One nice thing about electronic books is that, unlike many of my older books, they inevitably smell better … ah, the smell of iPhone in the morning.

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