Practical Digital Reading

download-2.jpgDo you suppose the world will ever run out of books to read?

Probably not but I am more and more concerned about the future of paper and ink (physical) books in our future culture. I say this with three things in mind:

  • We have the technology available to us which will duplicate and even improve upon the paper and ink format;
  • We have the delivery systems in place that will allow distribution of reading matter in a matter of seconds;
  • The technology of today will more than likely be considered primitive in just a few short years.

I know there is a large population out there that needs to have their fix of moldy old tomes, savoring the aroma even before ogling the frontispiece. I expect that if smell is important, they’ll develop an app for it. Even today the apps for reading digital books recreate the physical experience with some accuracy if not tactilely sufficient, but the digital readers add so much more.

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May Reading

landscape-1474296528-160916-elle-marley-4Here it is May and I have enjoyed some excellent reading already this year. I like this new process of just selecting twenty new titles to read without worrying if they are old suggestions resurfacing or if they are totally new and untried novels that hopefully will continue to energize my reading.

This month I have found room for at least a half-dozen ink and paper books. I find reading while sitting out in the sunshine is easier with a book that with an electronic device. Then when I crawl into bed I can read electronically in the dark. I have even discovered an easy and quite effective way to have the electronic device read the text to me so that not only do I not need a reading light but I don’t even need to keep my eyes open.

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