The Devil’s Dance

László Krasznahorkai must be a commonly read and well respected author. I say this because I discovered three novels of his on my bookshelves and I hadn’t even read one of them. Curious? Well I had a copy of Satantango. It looked interesting. I added it to the XFX reading list. And now I have read it.

The other two books on my shelf  are The Melancholy of Resistence and War and War.

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XFX: Jesus Freaks

This is a novel that brings a fresh perspective on the whole Revelation theme. It’s not all unique, but Andre Duza has let his imagination go and also done a credible job at holding the novel’s structure together while allowing for many of the more standard elements of the novel—characters, background, plot—to develop naturally. Duza is a skillful writer even if this is Bizarro fiction.

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