Sad News

They say that when your parents die the world turns very scary since it is all up to you after that. I had my share of trouble accepting the passing of my father and mother but three other death announcements caused me to tear up and reflect about passing time, mortality, and that small vacuum that was left in the world. The first was right after graduation from High School when I heard on the radio that a lovely young woman who was so friendly and nice and special was killed in a automobile accident with her brother and mother. This was the earliest time I was able to confront death as my own, almost-adult self. The second time was when I heard that Maria Callas had died. As you might imagine, I didn’t really know Callas, but I knew her singing and spent many hours listening to what might arguably be considered the greatest diva of my time. Just the loss to the world saddened me greatly and I was inevitably misty.

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