What say you, Ecclesias?

MercyI commented on the narrative structure of Henry Roth’s Mercy of a Rude Stream but reading over that earlier post, I felt I had missed some of the layers of narrative and set to diagramming the structure.

This is an excerpt from the novel (A Diving Rock on the Hudson, page 245) which exhibits some of the narrative complexity:

In mid-July a letter waited for Ira when he came back from work … The first letter was from Cornell University congratulating him on having placed … for a scholarship to Cornell.

Henry Roth is writing the novel which has a somewhat traditional omniscient narrator. However, the fiction is that Ira Stigman is writing the novel relating his youth and, as was suggested, exploring the vitality he remembers from his you in contrast to his declining old age (young Ira discovers creamed spinach while old Ira takes another diuretic).

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