My Reading Is Floundering in a Sea of Netflix

booksI spent a lot of time watching Netflix movies & television shows. To try and not get too far behind, I have abandoned McElroy’s Women and Men to go back and finish reading Wallace’s Infinite Jest. This obviously resulted in many of the titles I had planned to consider reading still waiting on my virtual bookshelf. Should I pass all of them forward or should I select a bunch of new books? In keeping with my current direction, I have compromised and taken both options.

So here is my own personal reading pool for the month of August.

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June Is For Women and Men

McElroyYes, this is the month I decided to re-attack Joseph McElroy’s oversized and complex novel, Women and Men. Given the recent collapse of my dedication to reading caused by Netflix serials and the sad state of my eyes for reading, this will be a monumental task that may reduce my completed reading accomplishments this month to less-than one book. At the very least I will live with the pain of holding this tome while I’m reading.

But I’m optimistic enough to actually have created a standard size reading pool of 25 novels I might read over the next few weeks. Then again, there’s still a few years of Shameless and House of Cards waiting for me on Netflix, not to mention a good half-dozen Japanese slasher movies for my late-night enjoyment (how do they attach those chain-saws to replace their missing limbs?).

Since I might not conquer the list this month, I suspect I’ll see most of it returning in July. Then again, that assumes that I’m not still reading McElroy.

Reading Pool for June 2015

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New and Exciting

booksI really was excited about the March reading list and even made a short pile of books on the corner of my desk so I could reach them immediately when I needed to move onto my next selection. As so often happens, I got interested in a couple of other texts and pretty much split my time between planned reading and unplanned (but still exciting and fascinating) reading. As a result, I still have a few of those choice texts from the March list that I will carry over to the April list. Read, read, read.

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