Bringing New Life To the Reading List

BookAll through this last month I have been collecting new books to read and some sound quite exciting. But then I went to add the books from this last month that I hadn’t read had time to read and my projected reading pool for October almost ran off the page. What to do? Should I cut back on new books or on old books or perhaps spit the difference?

I decided that a good Fall cleaning was in order so there are many new books to read and some day I’ll hopefully get back to those old titles.

Each month I have been reading more and more books in digital form but I still included a couple of paper and ink books for nostalgic pleasure. But now I am looking toward a future move to much less spacious digs so I am getting strict about those real books on the bookshelves: replace with a digital edition or donate to the community bookstore. In some instances I have an edition or title that is unique or special and in those instances I have been setting them aside, hopefully for reading before I have to pack them up or give them away. Living here in South Carolina I don’t have too many friends or acquaintances who share my tastes in reading.

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