I’ll Have To Start Saving Suggestions For Next Year

reading nookYes, we are coming to the last month of the year and the daily ACOR suggestions have been piling up for some time. I guess that no matter how many new titles I suggest and no matter how sturdy my reading list is, I still cannot read any faster and so many titles I want to read seem to be slipping away … like sands through the hourglass, so are the books on our shelves.

I have recently included a few more contemporary titles (almost best-sellers) but as with most earlier suggestions, these are books that caught my eye and I just might read them. One problem I have always have is to get interested in a new book and by the time I read all the more classic literature on my list, the new book is an old book. Then when other new books come along, I’m delaying them because I’m still reading the old books. I recognize that so many new books are rapidly forgotten and go out of favor so it’s important to read them while the conversation is still fresh. I recognize that … but do I practice it?

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November Reading Pool

booksTime for a new month and since I’ll be chained in a closet most of this night, I thought I would make the reading pool for November available a little early. As usual, I have several suggestions that seem to reoccur regularly. I hope to read many of these before the end of the year so I can start January with a relatively fresh list. But I have also added several new titles to the list, some I have been wanting to read ad a few that just popped up and begged me to read them. Anything catch your fancy?

I’ve glitched my eReader program on my iPad (Marvin) and may have to shuffle a few of the chosen books until it is “fixed.” I have a couple of other readers, including iBooks, so I am not in too much trouble: even though my library of eBooks is on Marvin, I also have them all collected in Calibre. A word to the wise: an eReader is not a database and should only be used to store transitional copies of your books. I have three storage areas: the raw texts on my local cloud, the identified books on Calibre (translated into ePub format), and the reading copies of the eBooks on my eReader. Although it seems anally retentive, 45 years working with computers has taught me more than one sad lesson. So, if you want to make sure … back it up!

Here are the selections for November 2014:

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