A Pile of Books Is Called a ???

Wow! It’s December tomorrow and I haven’t even thought about next year’s reading selections.

I have an uncharacteristic urge to just wing it: selecting one book at a time with no preplanning whatsoever. I knew a woman who was a strong reader but she insisted that she never planned her reading in advance. Of course back in the pre-digital days (and the pre-Amazon days) our reading plan was whatever we found at the library or in the local bookstore.

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Bingeing On Books Or Netflix

imgres.jpgAh, November! Last month ended with four or five novels being read but with no opportunity to finish them on time. Add to that a couple of novels I really wanted to read and never got to them. I know that selecting a reading pool of 25 books for the month guarantees a reading shortfall even if I do read eight of ten books, but most of time I just move the unread titles ahead and don’t think much about it. This last month I ended with a definite feeling of disappointment at my results.

However, I can easily point to the cause of my shortfall: Netflix!

Between Netflix and HBO and any other sources of movies and series on the internet, I could easily fill up all of my spare time and been reasonably entertained. Nowadays the most serious challenge to my reading is a new series on Netflix or HBO. Somewhere between Westworld and Kimmy Schmidt.

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