Thoughts about body hair

A while back I posted a few thoughts on what apparently is a contemporary urge to manscape male body hair (see). Two things have recently reminded me of our civilization’s strange responses to common body hair.

Pubic HairFirst, I was sharing a few moments of intimacy with a lovely young woman who was balder than my three year old niece, showing all her naughty bits without even a hint of hirsute camouflage. I’m not sure I even liked this modern look but I expect it’s more hygienic. When asked, my friend indicated she would never stop shaving closely … never-ever. Being the introspective type, I began to think back to those days of yesteryear when pubic hair was a badge of maturity. Men and women, or more accurately, boys and girls, couldn’t wait until the first signs of furry decoration began to adorn their precious genitals.

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