My own suggestions that I should read myself

tattoosEach month I rummage through my reading lists, check around for book titles that catch my fancy, and capture more academic texts from friends and colleagues. Then I fill in a month’s worth of reading recommendations (gradually during the month) and pop a new one onto this website each day as a suggestion for reading to those that are always wondering what to read next. I try to only post new titles but there are sometimes repeats (and there are some boos that should be repeated) so bear with me (or bare with me if you’re so inclined).

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It’s Going To Be a Busy Month

bookstoreThis month I have slipped in a few new titles but I still have several books I want to read from the September pool so this new list might not be so exciting. As is usually the case, I find myself in the midst of three or four novels just as the month rolls over so, no matter how tempting the new titles are, I really must attend to finishing the old ones first. And this includes a couple of hefty tomes that may take quite some time to complete.

I’m still thrashing between trying to empty some space on my bookshelves by reading real ink and paper books but my iPad is just so convenient that I often start reading a new digital novel immediately after finishing the previous digital novel and never get to those hard-to-read paper things. Even when I schedule a real book to read, I often scurry around and obtain a digital copy beforehand and end up donating the physical book to the local Book Exchange (they love me … lots of essentially brand-new books for their collection).

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