Did You Read That?


Well, the application I use to keep my lists is still broken under the new operating system, but I did find a way to recover those lost titles from earlier in the month so I can present a complete list of suggested reading as was posted daily during October.

I’ve noticed that my suggested list tends to be filled out with fairly current titles, most of which I have not read as yet. I think I have to go back into my own reading history and recall some of the great novels (often classics) that I might have read long ago but that doesn’t mean that there are no new readers out there that might appreciate the suggestion.

This might be psychologically good for me too: instead of moaning about not having the time to read all the new books being published I can be proud of all the books I have already read. “I read that” feels much better than “I’ll never get to read that.”

So here is last month’s suggested reading list brought to you in its entirety by “Good Luck”:

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Hot Reading From the Cooling Embers

images-1.jpgSo far it’s been rough my first few weeks here in Florida but hopefully it will all improve over the last quarter; by then my new rooms will be available, my desk stocked and well-lit, and my new built-in bookshelves loaded with all the books that are today still stored in boxes and shoved into dark closets.

Everyone should remember that any reading plan is subject to sudden interruptions and changes. Things were going good this last month and I was beginning to appreciate the new author concentration … but then a swift bout of pneumonia laid me low and tossed me into the hospital for a few days. I’m still not concentrating enough to ease back into a good-day of reading so I’m counting on the new month’s reading pool to punch-up my interest.

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