The Kintu Saga

g-adam-and-eve-bigKintu by Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi reminded me of García Marquez’s novel One Hundred Years of Solitude but without the magical realism. Kintu is a multi-generational retelling through fiction of the growth and modernization of the area of Africa which we now call Uganda. Makumbi is an excellent new author and is herself Ugandan.

The story begins far in the past telling of the ancient tribal structures and a magical interpretation of life as you might expect from a primitive people. The myths and curses and magical events are all there, like in the García Marquez novel, but you never get the sense that they are anything but a primitive way of dealing with the events of life.

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Five Essential Reads

Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Five essential reads

GarcíaDavid L. Ulin, the Los Angeles Times Book Critic, published a short eulogy for Gabriel García Márquez, but, as my original training as a New Critic had me believe unconditionally, the works have a life of their own, independent from the author or the country or the history. Ulin, unlike many other commentaries I have read since the death of García, seems to recognize this and focuses on the books written by Gabriel García Márquez.

[From LAT, April 18, 2014]

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