Do You Think They Won’t Do It?

Look at this blurb from a recent posting by The Onion:

Progressive Company Pays Both Men And Women 78% Of What They Should Be Earning

one percentGood joke, huh? The Onion is often spot on with their satire of our society but in this case I find it hard to believe that the job-creators have not hit upon this simple solution to the gender-pay gap. Of course it does seem to conflict with the historic position of corporations: whining that they are forced to give their top executives a few million dollars more each year in order to attract and keep top talent. I’m  surprised they have any spare change laying around to pay the employees who do all the work. One would think that between advertising, lobbying, and bribery, the major corporations would barely be able to meet the monetary demands of their own in-house one percent.

So has The Onion inadvertently released the Kraken?

Hey SCOTUS, Frank Miller is coming to town

High NoonI grew up in the mythical age of the cowboy hero. Randolph Scott continues to hold a high position in my pantheon of gods. But despite the western morality plays of Bob Steel and Hoot Gibson, I often found myself trapped in a nightmare straight out of High Noon … on the way to the Third Grade would I be challenged by some punk out to get a reputation and shot down in cold blood on the decomposed granite under the shadow of the monkey bars?

Of course even back then I knew that no one was packing heat (oh have times changed) so the fear of having to face down three varmints with scatterguns armed only with the small cap gun I had stuck in my belt was certainly just fantasy, but it still was frightening. Having visited Tombstone I could easily imagine the return of the OK-Corral to the strip Mall not far from my home and school. How scary would life be if everyone went around with a six-shooter strapped to their hip and hot lead was the ultimate decider of any dispute or disagreement?

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Anti-Intellectualism in American Life

Why the World Is Smarter Than Us

Why does the U.S. lag behind our peers when it comes to educating our students? Dana Goldstein on a new book that looks at school systems across the globe to come away with a startling conclusion: they value the intellect more than we do.

educationIt has always been one of the most puzzling aspects of living in the United States: realizing that the lack of education, the dearth of critical thinking, and a penchant for wrong-thinking, is celebrated as being a part of the “true” America. Just listen to Sarah Palin. Even the colleges and universities, which once were centers of knowledge and critical thinking, have been transmogrified into capitalistic centers for the training of new recruits who will be prepared to increase the profits of the plutocracy at the taxpayer’s expense.

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