The Palm-Wine Drinkard

This is the first book toward my commitment to read  a half-dozen books from African authors.


Written in 1946, The Palm-Wine Drinkard is an amazing amalgamation of several types of literature. First, it is a good example of the picaresque: here a young man who is best suited for drinking palm-wine all day long, moves from episode to episode, story to story, challenge to challenge, in the search for his palm-wine tapster who had died in a fall from a tall tree. It seems that our hero, who shortly becomes known as the Father of gods who can do anything in this world, has heard that the dead hang around for awhile so he sets out to find his tapster and resume a life of drinking palm-wine . Along the way there are many challenges and with the help of his juju, our hero meets the challenges, escapes death, finds his dead tapster, and returns home with the magic he needs to feed his village and assure a plentiful supply of palm-wine.

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