Human Bondage

bondageEver wonder what Maugham meant by “Human Bondage”? If you read his novel, Of Human Bondage, it should have been obvious; but just in case, here is what is presumably the central argument:

He still looked upon Christianity as a degrading bondage that must be cast away at any cost;

And later when Philip has a real epiphany:

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Bad Boys In Bondage

I was reading a review of the cinematic triumph, Bad Boys In Bondage 3D, yesterday and it reminded me of an earlier time when the simple use of the word “bondage” was not allowed by the internet gestapo. Back then I was managing a reading group on Yahoo (or was it the old Excite days?) and when I went to post the upcoming reading selection, Of Human Bondage, the computer made a rude sound and rejected my post. The error message was tantamount to branding me as a sex-offender and I later found out that the internet guys in the back room placed my web-presence on the For Adults Only list (there was no notice of this action so I was spared several days of shame and embarrassment since I didn’t even know I was Adults Only … although I have always suspected it).

Of course today we are all more tolerant and adult in our attitudes (excepting the Republicans) so I feel safe using terms like bondage, bustles, ba’zoooms, Barsoom, and Betty Boop. That being said, I suppose it’s a good time to says something about Somerset Maugham’s novel, Of Human Bondage, which I reread recently.

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