Venus On the Half-Shell

Imagine a planet dominated by a life form that maintains the soul of all past generations, allowing one day for each past life to control both body and mind. Then since thousands of generations have lived on this planet, each would only regain control—sentient life—for a single day in hundreds and thousands of years. Now imagine a dominant life-form that arose, not from apes, but from cats. Oh, they look basically human but with strange eyes and in perpetual heat. Also, unlike cats who only have nine lives, these civilized felines have thousands of lives.

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Edgar Rice Burroughs

I am in the midst of an uncharacteristic urge to read everything that Edgar Rice Burroughs has written: at least eighty novels and other pieces of fiction. The way I see it, I could dedicate the time to reading all six volumes of My Struggle or have a bit more fun knocking off the more well known series like Tarzan and John Carter and maybe a smattering of the less known series like Pellucidar and Caspak. Could I do both?

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