Talk Like a Pirate

Did you miss National Talk Like a Pirate Day? It was today, the 19th of September, but you can start preparing for next year’s event. First, here is the official web site of Talk Like a Pirate, and second, memorize the following list of salty dialogue from R. L. Stevenson’s Treasure Island:

  • “Keel-hauling, was you? and a mighty suitable thing, too, and you may lay to that. Get back to your place for a lubber, Tom.”
  • “You’re a lad, you are, but you’re as smart as paint.”
  • “Three goes o’ rum! Why, shiver my timbers, if I hadn’t forgotten my score!”
  • “I’ve taken a notion into my old numskull.”
  • “Why, what a precious old sea-calf I am!”
  • “Now, treasure is ticklish work; I don’t like treasure voyages on any account; and I don’t like them, above all, when they are secret, and when (begging your pardon, Mr. Trelawney) the secret has been told to the parrot….It’s a way of speaking. Blabbed, I mean.”
  • “Pieces of eight! pieces of eight! pieces of eight!” [That’s the parrot talking.]
  • “Avast there!”
  • “Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest— Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!”
  • “Here it is about gentlemen of fortune. They lives rough, and they risk swinging, but they eat and drink like fighting-cocks, and when a cruise is done, why it’s hundreds of pounds instead of hundreds of farthings in their pockets. Now, the most goes for rum and a good fling, and to sea again in their shirts.”

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