imagesThe proponents of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster argue, much as the Intelligent Design folks argue, that one theory is as good as another and we should leave it up to a mythical eighth-grader to decide the rules of the universe.

Here is an example of the FSM argument:

It seems strange that Evolution is singled out as “just a theory” when there are so many basic ideas in science that remain unproven, yet are still taught as fact. The objections to teaching Evolution have only illustrated this point further: Alternative theories must be taught in order to give our young students’ minds a broad foundation. The Intelligent Design proponents make a compelling, and totally legitimate, argument that if a theory has not been proven, then one suggested theory is just as good as another.

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Polly Is a Polyglot

download.pngWhat does an author need to transform a generally boring historical spoof on the state of pirates, global exploration, and religious persecution in the late fifteenth century? The obvious answer is an African gray parrot providing the narration and splattering it with more Yiddish terms than you’ll ever hear on the Grand Concourse.

Let’s face it, insertion of common and even obscure Yiddish allows the writer to forego any subtlety in his manufactured prose: just toss in a Yiddish exclamation and transform a clichéd pirate image into something that passes for new and fresh.

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