Tank GirlThe world runs out of fossil fuels, climate change is wreaking havoc, new diseases are exploding, businesses are closing, basic human needs (like cell phones and lip gloss) are no longer available, marauding gangs rule the streets, reservoirs are emptied since water is scarce, roads are falling into ruin, commerce has broken down, and life is cheap.

What do you expect the millionaires and billionaires do to save life as we know it on this planet? Correct! They all pack-up and move to elite enclaves to escape the misery of the hoi poloi, the great unwashed, the mob, the other 99%. But California, by Edan Lepucki, is not a novel investigating the issues of our day, nor is it a story extrapolating the future of Republican greed versus hippy altruism: it’s the story of a reasonable development in our future civilization.

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