Stop or my fetus will shoot!

baby gunAs usual, I am ashamed of the shenanigans that go on where I live in the state of South Carolina. I spotted the latest while scanning the regular feeds that come to my desktop each day; this one from Crooks and Liars: South Carolina Legislators Want ‘Stand Your Ground’ Expanded To Fetuses.

The legal argument is that mothers should be able to defend not only themselves but also their unborn child, starting at conception. Of course this is a ridiculous and unnecessary extension to the law since the pregnant mother, under the existing law, could legally blow away an assailant for threatening her, pregnant or not. But the discussion suggests that this is a backdoor try by the religious-right and the ultra-conservatives to get personhood legally affixed to the projected child at the time of conception. Tricky, huh?

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A New GOP Paradise

liberalDuring the Cold War, Progressives around the world were so named because they championed the rights of the individual over that of the State. Interesting? Of course this was a differentiation that balanced totalitarianism on the other end of the see-saw. Today I believe Progressives continue to step up to the rights of the individual but here in America and in many other countries around the world, it isn’t to protect the individual from the State but rather to protect the individual from the plutocrats and the corporations which are rapidly enslaving the country.

It’s no secret that America has become a Fascist country based on and dedicated to Greed, with Corruption and Mendacity for all.

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