Who Should Be Kicked Out of the Canon?

There is a big heavy book that professes to illuminate the 1001 books that everyone should read before they die. Well, the reality is that this is a joke for most people since they will actually read very few books of fiction after leaving school and very few of those books would qualify for any recommendation list other than a short-lived publisher’s marketing hype. But there is a subtle problem with the 1001 list: it has been revised.

It struck me as odd that I should definitely read a book that was then dropped in the next edition of 1001 Books. I can see adding books that might have been published since the previous edition and even books that might have been overlooked, but I cannot accept telling me I had to read something worthwhile and then saying never mind. Is it possible that the books themselves (which do not change) are less important than our attitude towards those books?

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Is there a smoking gun in the Vatican?

I don’t understand:  is being pope just another job? I hear one rumor that the pope is resigning because the Catholic problem with pedophile priests might uncover evidence that, despite being the emissary of god on earth, the pope is not infallible. I wonder what god thinks about all this?

With all the power the pope wields over the catholic world, why is it that he doesn’t solve the problem with violence and guns just by making a speech? Or is Ratzinger a supporter of the NRA?