Alas poor Mitt

Do we see now a Republican Party built on a foundation of marshmallow with the backbone of a Twinkie? Just two weeks back the Republicans were rabid for their candidate and were looking forward to a glorious GOP coronation. Now I hear from many Republican and Conservative operatives that Mitt Romney is a name they do not want to hear spoken and the suggestion is that Mitt should find a nice rock and make himself comfortable under it.

Of course Mitt hasn’t helped his own cause with his ridiculous whining.

Those same party operatives and sympathizers are scurrying around making suggestions on how the GOP will have to change to attract a more diverse population. Stop! Am I hearing that the Republican Party is willing to change its core values in order to survive? A good argument can be made for having the GOP stick to its beliefs and take a chance that it will not go the way of the dinosaurs.

Do we need another party that is just like the Democrats? I remember when George Wallace was campaigning he complained that there was not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties, but that time is long gone. Maybe it’s time for a new party with new ideas to push the GOP aside. If that new party is the old GOP all gussied up to look like the Democratic Party, then I totally reject it. Maybe the GOP should take note of what happened in the last election:  you couldn’t trust what Mitt Romney advocated because he never stuck to a position very long and was quick to change so as to match the political situation at any one time and any one place. Does the GOP want to become the party that has no firm principles or values? The Republican Party platform may suck but to throw it all out is dishonest and like Mitt, people will no longer have trust or respect for the GOP.