Can You Answer the Question?

A very interesting and highly revealing piece by Paul Rosenberg published on Salon:

The Twitter thought experiment that exposes “pro-life” hypocrisy

download.jpgLast Monday, a tweetstorm evisceratng abortion foes went viral. Science fiction writer and comedian Patrick Tomlinson introduced it this way:

Whenever abortion comes up, I have a question I’ve been asking for ten years now of the “Life begins at Conception” crowd. In ten years, no one has EVER answered it honestly.

The question is as follows: Would you save one 5-year-old child from a burning building, or save 1,000 embryos. The point: No one actually thinks that embryos are the same as living children. But an entire movement is based on lying about it, and using that lie to manipulate people, in order to control women like slaves.

The entire article with links to the extensive twitterstorm is well worth reading over on Salon.

Morality of Pro-Life

Sister Joan Chittister

I do not believe that just because you’re opposed to abortion, that that makes you pro-life. In fact, I think in many cases, your morality is deeply lacking if all you want is a child born but not a child fed, not a child educated, not a child housed. And why would I think that you don’t? Because you don’t want any tax money to go there. That’s not pro-life. That’s pro-birth. We need a much broader conversation on what the morality of pro-life is. — Sister Joan Chittister, O.S.B.

A note on voter ID

At the Republican State Committee meeting, Pennsylvania Republican House Leader Mike Turzai openly admitted the truth about voter identification efforts —  they are meant to suppress Democratic votes in this year’s election and will win the election for Mitt Romney. Specifically, Turzai said:

“We are focused on making sure that we meet our obligations that we’ve talked about for years,” said Turzai in a speech to committee members Saturday. He mentioned the law among a laundry list of accomplishments made by the GOP-run legislature.

“Pro-Second Amendment? The Castle Doctrine, it’s done. First pro-life legislation – abortion facility regulations – in 22 years, done. Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done.”

Of course the Republicans are not clamoring for anything that would eliminate election fraud. That could well backfire on their plans. But those three or four voters that were caught trying to vote using someone else’s ID are more than enough reason to make it very difficult for working people, students, minorities, and people with the same name as known felons to vote.

It’s important to note that Turzai also identified having successfully implemented pro-gun doctrines and pro-life doctrines, the strange combination of allowing life to be taken violently while still demanding that life is sacred.

Here is another article on the same subject, this one called The Republican War on Elections.