What Do You Do After You Try Meth For the First Time?

There are a couple of book that I read and subsequently threw away in disgust which other readers often cite as uniquely brilliant. One is A Confederacy of Dunces which is an affront to humanity and not funny at all; another is Catcher In the Rye.

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New Titles At XFX To Finish Out the Year

BizarreExperiment Literature means a lot of things to a lot of people. When we started the XFX group on Yahoo years ago I noted that some books were considered very experimental, even shocking, back when they were written but today they seems rather tame: mainstream fiction.

This last quarter of the year I decided to include a classic, but very experimental at the time, work by Geoffrey Chaucer but at the last minute opted for a more modern retelling of The Canterbury Tales by Peter Ackroyd. To this I added a book I had recently read called Punkzilla: it’s not too wild but it does experiment with narrative so it”s quite interesting at times. Of course we needed a Science Fiction book and Philip K. Dick’s excellent Time Out of Joint is sufficiently mind-warping to do the trick. Then, as long as you’ve been twisting the little gray cells, Scott Adam’s (of Dilbert fame) offers the “Thought Experiment” titled God’s Debris. The final title is from Russia and what little I know of it, I expect a good story in Sergei Lukyanenko’s Labyrinth of Reflections.

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