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In favor of talented readers

DublinesqueHe made associations between ideas, and always had a remarkable tendency to read his own life like a book. Publishing, and consequently having to read so many manuscripts, contributed still more to this tendency of his to imagine that metaphorical associations and an often highly enigmatic code lay concealed behind any scene in his daily life.

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Reading For December

A cold front has blown through the South but I hear it’s a snowy mess up north. The white-tailed deer are running all over the development and I have noticed a few armadillos digging up the turf in search of grubs. Me, I’m still out on the lanai reading on my iPad (iBooks works fine as a reader) but I tend to come in for some warmth and hot tea much earlier than before. Of course, Daylight Savings Time is over and the dogs are still confused about dinner time. For me it turns darker earlier and I retire to my desk for some quiet reading. For December I have again shuffled a few titles and my monthly pool of books to read looks quite good. I’m  focusing on the easier to read digital books but there are still a couple of paper and ink novels I hope to read, even if I have to use my over-sized magnifying glass and a squint.


So this is my list for December:

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Those October Reading Suggestions

readHere I continue my practice of providing a summary listing of the books mentioned each day during the previous month. I have read few of the hi-lited books and can’t honestly vouch for their quality (although I seldom even consider reading books with even a hint of crappage). I’ll have to move some of them to the front of my reading list to avoid continuing embarrassment. But let’s face it: reading is still rather subjective and whereas one person has read all the books in one list, they often come up short in another list. Even that much publicized and occasionally updated list of the 1001 books you should have checked off before you check out is far from perfect and in some instances generates more anger and disappointment than knowledge of good reading.

But lists are good to give you ideas and, as I see it, if a list of 30 book titles yields one good idea, then the list is well worth it .. good ideas, like good books, are getting pretty scarce nowadays.

Hi-Lited Reading for October 2013

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Books of Interest For December 2012

Another month with many good books making up a possible suggested reading list. I haven’t read a couple of these titles but plan to in the near future. They certainly look good.

12-01-12 – Imperial — William T. Vollmann
12-02-12 – Foundation — Isaac Asimov
12-03-12 – Blood and Guts in High School — Kathy Acker
12-04-12 – Omensetter’s Luck – William H. Gass
12-05-12 – Firmin: Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife – Sam Savage
12-06-12 – Appointment in Sammara – John O’Hara
12-07-12 – The Motorcycle Diaries: Notes on a Latin American Journey – Ernesto Guevara
12-08-12 – Young Lonigan – James T. Farrell
12-09-12 – Love In the Ruins – Walker Percy
12-10-12 – American Psycho – Brett Easton Ellis
12-11-12 – A Dictionary of Maqiao – Han Shaogong
12-12-12 – The Reivers – William Faulkner
12-13-12 – Machine – Peter Adolphsen
12-14-12 – The Yacoubian Building – Alaa Al Aswany
12-15-12 – Alice Adams – Booth Tarkington
12-16-12 – Grendel — John Gardner
12-17-12 – The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian – Sherman Alexie
12-18-12 – Moscow to the End of the Line – Venedikt Erofeev
12-19-12 – Massacre River – René Philoctète
12-20-12 – I’m Not Stiller – Max Frisch
12-21-12 – The Bottle Factory Outing — Beryl Bainbridge
12-22-12 – Mercy of a Rude Stream — Henry Roth
12-23-12 – The Stone Raft — José Saramago
12-24-12 – The Naked and the Dead — Norman Mailer
12-25-12 – The Portable Atheist — Christopher Hitchings, ed.
12-26-12 – Slaughtermatic — Steve Aylett
12-27-12 – Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values — Robert M. Pirsig
12-28-12 – East of Eden — John Steinbeck
12-29-12 – Interstate — Stephen Dixon
12-30-12 – Of Human Bondage — W. Somerset Maugham
12-31-12 – Tom Jones — Henry Fielding