Southward Ho !

images.jpgDespite all the work I’ve had to put into pre-move activities, I managed to read quite a bit this last month but I probably went outside the published reading pool more than usual. Now since I have less than two weeks before the move and since so many of my books are packed away, I will be re-listing many of the titles from July that I (this time) hope to read in and around the household confusion.

Another factor is that due to construction delays, I will be forced to put almost all of my books in a storage unit until the room and the bookshelves are built. I might not see them again until Christmas.

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In the Beginning Was the List

images-1.jpgOh, gone are the years when I stayed up until one o’clock, went to work the next day for 10 or 12 hours, came home, made dinner, played with my kid, and still read as many almost 200 books a year, not counting all the really exciting stuff I had to read for work.

Of course now I have to use a magnifying glass to read, I’m retired but it takes me 10 minutes to get up from my desk and walk into the bathroom, I still make dinner, but my daughter is now a professor at the University … oh, and my reading is just shy of 100 books a year.

I am beginning to worry about that 1001 Books You Must Read … challenge.

But I still make lists and try to focus my reading within a fairly narrow pool of books I have already collected on my bulging bookshelves (or nowadays on my trusty iPad).

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New Reading For March 2014

Trout FishingWhen I started building my reading pool for March 2014 I realized that I had many titles I wanted to read left over from the February pool. Although this is really not a problem since I post three times as many books as I could read normally, I do want to mix things up a bit more: after all, did I not read a book because I didn’t have enough time in the previous month, or did I subconsciously (or consciously) put off reading a book because other titles interested me more?

So to keep the party going, my new selection criteria includes a small penalty for already being on the list only to be passed over.

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What Would Retired People Read?

BeatlesYesterday was the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles first appearance on American television: the Ed Sullivan Show to be specific. Now, we had actually seen the Beatles earlier on the Steve Allen Show but the difference was on Sullivan they performed live. You remember that night, right; all those screaming girls and four mods from Liverpool with floppy hair and strange costumes set to change the face of American pop music for many years? A few weeks ago Bill Maher was talking with Jay-Z about the Beatles appearance on Sullivan and he paused to ask if Jay-Z remembered Ed Sullivan … the answer was a firm and definite “No.”

Add to that the apocryphal anecdote that someone’s daughter had heard rumors that Paul McCartny had been in another band before Wings and you might feel older than the Tennessee Waltz.

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