Reading Is Important

I found this little blurb at the site dealing with the Secrets of Self Development:

Reading is important because it develops our thoughts,
gives us endless knowledge and lessons to read while
keeping our minds active. Reading books can help us
learn, understand and makes us smarter. Not to mention
the knowledge, vocabulary expansion and thinking skills
we develop, so read a good book today!

images.jpgI try to suggest an intriguing new title each day, a book that caught my eye and one which I would be reading tomorrow if it weren’t that there were so many books I want to read .. tomorrow and the next day and three years from now. We all know about people who don’t or can’t read and that is sad . As Dr. Seuss tells us: “The more that you read, The more things you will know. The more that you learn, The more places you’ll go.”.

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Books Endure. News … Not So Much

images.jpgLooking back at January: a new year of reading and oft overlooked reading suggestions. I actually read a few of the works on this list while they were still in the news. I notice that a couple of the titles were of that genre often considered non-fiction (wink wink) and it’s good that I have read them before they turned dated and uninteresting.

Although I enjoyed these very contemporary views on the current corruption in both government and in the oil fields, I must admit that for the most part they at best provided me with a clear depiction of things I already knew, albeit in one compact volume with a lot of extra detail.

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Is This the End of Ricovid?

Where is Eddie Robinson when you need him? Yeah.

It’s been a long and difficult year; but it has been good for reading. I finished the year with over 300 titles on my list of books read and I even found a number of them well worth recommending. I also made daily suggestions for reading that have piqued my interest and, as I freely admit, I seldom get around to reading myself. After all, there’s only so many hours in the day and the Netflix monster gobbles up many of the choicest minutes.

But we now have several promising vaccines to counteract the virus and HBO Max is showing first-run movies to counteract the shutdown. Life is short but always remember, Clarissa is long. You’d better get to reading.

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