Are Any of These On Your Reading List?

ReadThis last month I took some time off to visit my daughter and her new (first) baby but I have tried to keep up with this site and to recommend possible reading selections almost every day. I have noted several recently published novels in my suggestions and, like most people, I will probably read them since I tend to follow certain authors, both for the value of their work and also to keep up on the zeitgeist of contemporary literature. I will read just about anything but there are a few authors relegated to my Ignore List … Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Ayn Rand to name a few. Are there any authors that you expect never to read in the future, either because of a lousy reading experience in the past or some other, highly personal reason?

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An Interesting Reading List

First this from one of the greatest of our founding fathers:


Sam Harris has been an outspoken spokesman for the probability that organized is religion is not only incredibly silly and easily refuted, but moreso for taking it that extra step and concluding that organized religions are actually the world’s most dangerous organizations. Or to put it a simpler way: Religion kills people.

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December 2013: Suggested Reading

Le VoyeurI have previously explained that although I suggest a new book each day that should be worth reading, I often have not read it myself and therefore cannot truly recommend it other than based on what I have heard or read or possibly the reputation of the author. Being an inveterate list maker I keep all these suggestions at hand when I make up my own reading lists. It’s sometimes funny when I look back at much older suggestions and cannot remember what I was thinking when I made the recommendation. Oh well, they can’t all be winners.

Still, these are the titles I highlighted during December. I have marked those I have read in blue so I might be able to make further comments if you are interested in reading one of those books yourself.

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