Erasing U. S. History

It has been a concern for years and I have tried to spread the warning in earlier posts, but here we go again.

Texas represents two major themes in this controversy. First, being the second most populist state in the union, Texas commands a major role in the content and publication of learning materials, not just in Texas, but throughout the country: after all, publishers don’t want to lose profits by printing one textbook for Texas and another for the rest of the United States.

I didn't read in my history textbook about the Japanese
internment until I was about to graduate from college (and even
then the book we used was banned from the public High Schools).
The irony here is that my father enjoyed dividing his time between
his lounge chair and taking long drives all over the southwest.
I had seen the remains of the internment camps and was aware of
the fact that my country wasn't always exceptional .. or even
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Better than Bush?

Remember when Rick Perry suggested that Texas should secede from the union? We learned then (those of us not in the state of Texas) that Perry was a more authentic version of George W. Bush. Then as the GOP campaign started rolling, the cries went out for Perry to enter the race and put any further confusion to rest with his consummate skills in campaigning:  the preliminaries were almost over with Perry and the other candidates might as well go home. Add to this the very impressive money behind Perry and it was literally over, that is until Rick Perry opened his mouth.

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