Kids (1995)

KidsHere’s a tough movie to watch but at the same time, it’s a real eye-opener. I recently was reading about the film in several contexts but I naturally focused on Rosario Dawson (beautiful at any age). Chloë Sevigny was excellent also. I’m just reminded that one of the recent articles I read was selecting several of the most typical New York City types that are acting today … both Dawson and Sevigny were on the list.

Note that I couldn’t find Kids on any streaming service (Netflix, Amazon) but while watching the official trailer to this 1995 movie I realized that a complete (if not movie theater quality) copy of the film had been posted on YouTube.

Check it out.

Two things about Kids that I noticed: first, the boys are all chemically enhanced scum-bags, and second, the girls are not so innocent themselves.

Good movie, especially if you like raw and dangerous cinema verité.