ObamaWay back in early 2012 there was a powerful article at The Daily Kos by MinistryOfTruth in the form of An open letter to the people who hate Obama more than they love America. I have posted a few excerpts below but I highly recommend reading the piece in its entirety. It’s still available online at the The Daily Kos.

Something to think about: this article was written two and a half years ago: how have things changed? Is the open vendetta against Barack Obama improving life in this country or are a small group of plutocrats pulling the strings to undermine the government and increase their own wealth and power?

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2013’s Memorable Attacks on Women (By Idiots)

Here’s an antidote for the many tributes we are faced with at the end of the year. If you shed a tear for the passing of Maureen Stapleton, how about giving some deep thought to the misogyny that is open, loud, and growing in this country.

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