Let My People Vote

Warning:  If you are familiar with the humor of Sarah Silverman you will not be shocked by a bit of salty language in this clip. However, if you are disturbed by those trashy alphabet words, then grow up.

This clip is openly available at Let My People Vote website which also contains a lot of other important information which will help you to spoil the un-American attempts to limit your vote and reduce your rites as a citizen of the United States. Do whatever is necessary and vote with pride. Send a message to the Fascists that this is a free country and that your vote cannot be bought nor denied.

Don’t roll over to the Fascists. When Tuesday 6 November comes around, make sure you have the required ID, stand in line no matter how long the line is, and vote without being intimidated.

By the way, Sarah Silverman has a sister Susan. I wonder if she’s a psychologist in Boston? (Note that there is a real Susan Silverman that is a psychologist in White Plains.)