How Testing Is Destroying Education

Jeff Bryant, in Nation of Change, has presenting a good argument for re-thinking our focus on testing as the true measure of the effectiveness of teaching. This is an old argument of mine and this article makes some excellent points that I will add to my arsenal.

testingHow Test Obsession Is Killing Education

Jeff Bryant, Nation of Change

Decisions to pass or fail students, rate teacher “ineffective” or “effective,” even keep schools open or close them down are now being made to an ever-increasing extent based on scores.

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Education in America

I had a dream last night. In this dream I saw hundreds of hard-working employees heading into work and starting their jobs on the manufacturing floor or in the administrative offices. Not everyone looked happy but, realistically, they were receiving a decent salary, healthcare benefits, and the cafeteria had an ersatz coffee machine that also dispensed lattés. The corporate officers were earning their inflated salaries by keeping the cost of doing business at an absolute minimum thereby assuring themselves of continued profits and benefits.

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