Rock n Roll Babes From Outer Space

imgres.jpgThis is not a long lost novel by Dostoevsky .. or even Carlton Mellick III. RnRBFOS is a light, fun romp involving slackers, rock n roll, outer space babes, Bondi Beach, sex, drugs, eating habits, multiple vaginas-on-demand, idiom confusion, green skin and antennae.

Sounds good? I personally find that fun, irreverent, ultra-hip fiction, especially anything that smacks of science fiction, quickly looses its flavor. Although often disappointing, this type of fiction is both appetizing and certainly fills a need for the general reading public (a bit above Mellick and far below Dostoevsky). I think I might try similar fiction but in the format of short stories.

The author, Linda Jaivin, is Australian (although born in Connecticut) and she has a tasty looking list of available titles so I urge you to check out her stuff; after all, billions of sentient creatures across the universe love this stuff and sometimes I’m just an old fart.

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You may have noticed that I read a lot of literature from Asia, especially Japanese literature. I still have a lot of classic and well thought of titles to go but sometimes I simply select a title solely based on the perceived nationality of the author, whether I know the author or not. Luckily I have seldom been disappointed. So if the author is Japanese, I read the book. One hitch to this technique is that too often nowadays a unfamiliar title turns out to be a Manga and although I have several digital versions of Manga, I’m just not into following a graphic story: Watchman was bad enough.

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A Comment on Bizarro

A few years back I discovered the new genre advertised as Bizarro Fiction. It was very uneven but showed brief glimpses of true originality and exuberant fun. I suppose the ratio of good to bad writing in Bizarro are about the same as any other form of fiction so it’s really not fair to judge the entire genre by the amount of tedium it generates: after all, people still read Science Fiction (for whatever reason).

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