Zero D

images-2.jpgI read a review of Don DeLillo’s novel Zero K that suggested we can overlook any novelistic values, such as character or plot development, and just revel in the exquisite sentences the author has so masterfully constructed for us. Okay, DeLillo does write well but I have yet to swoon over anything he wrote.

I have read a great deal of DeLillo and my personal response in general is that he is a good novelist but if you pay attention to the hype you will most certainly be disappointed. I don’t dislike Don DeLillo but compared with the likes of William Gaddis or Saul Bellow he is a second tier writer (in there with John Irving, Tom Wolfe, and maybe Thomas Pynchon).

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Yahweh Deserves Better

GohmertHow can anyone pass up an article that has the sub-heading,

Yahweh Deserves Better than Texas Primitive Gohmert?

I don’t think the main point of this article is that Louis Gohmert is almost as smart as an armadillo, but rather that he does an admirable job of spreading the silliness and inanity of Christian Fundamentalism and therefore functions as an ideal congressman representing the large state of Texas.

The full title of this piece published at Nation of Change by Robert S. Becker is

Mocking Literalists Defy ‘Literal’ Science for ‘Creation Myth’

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