The Gun Debate

How The Right-Wing Media Inflames The Gun Debate

Blog ››› January 14, 2013 11:01 AM EST ››› ROB TORNOE

Fox Guns

A few observations:

  • If a toy causes injury to as few as three children, it is taken off the market.
  • Countries that control the availability of guns may have as much freedom but definitely fewer gun deaths.
  • The well-regulated militia envisioned in the Second Amendment was not to protect against a tyrannical government but rather to allow for private militia to chase-down and capture runaway slaves.
  • Gun advocates are essentially saying that their recreation is more important than a few thousand American lives … even little children.
  • The NRA is a lobby organization empowered to increase the wealth of the gun manufacturers.
  • Guns are not limited-life commodities; therefore the gun manufacturers need the NRA to convince Americans to buy even more guns.
  • A well-armed private citizen is a threat to the law enforcement professionals who are trained to provide protection.
  • When another country attacks us there is a good chance we sold them the armaments to do so.
  • America needs to grow up.