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Halt the Presses!

booksNo matter how I categorize and rearrange my reading schedule or reorder and optimize my book shelves, I just can’t seem to get ahead of the new books I uncover which tickle the hairs on my toes in hopeful anticipation. Will they never stop? The way I see it I could use a twenty-three year hiatus on publishing any new texts: then I would have sufficient time for reading all the stuff I already have on my bookshelves and on my iPad.

One thing I have to do is adjust my reading to pick up a little more “non-fiction.” Right now I have at least two years worth of non-fiction reading on my shelves, and that doesn’t include the outdated books written by fading political pundits. Right now I’m doing a little reading into the science of Evolution so I can fully counteract any of those deniers back in the old homestead where Rule #1 is, of course, Don’t Tread On Me.

Did you see any reading suggestions this last month that had you running out to Barnes and Noble? There’s a few I’ve got my eye on . Here’s a recap:

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Fish or Cut Bait

poolI’ve been playing around with book titles that sound good or offer enlightenment or even just promise idle entertainment and, as they say, it’s time to fish or cut bait. I have been cutting and shuffling a lot of literary bait the last couple of weeks and I’m going with the following list of books in my September reading pool. Note that I also have a couple of titles still hanging around in a partially read state: I will continue to list those but will keep them separate from the new reading pool.

There’s a few new titles on this list and I hope to enjoy several of them although September is a bad month usually for reading what with family events like birthdays and pool parties.

But despite the hurdles, here is the reading pool I expect to dive into this month:

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