Clean-up Month

download.jpgThe last few months (years even) I have become ashamed of the number of titles I have been unable to finish reading. As should be understandable, most of these titles are the fattest books or most demanding narratives, many of which are experimental and therefore difficult reading despite their size.

So I am dedicating the month of September to an attempt to go back and resume reading these books. Sometimes, as I once did while attempting to resume reading War and Peace, I might find that I need to go back to page one so as to avoid confusion and brain strain.

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I Made My Nut, and Now the Vig

group-of-men-reading-pile-of-booksFor many years now I have loosely targeted my annual reading to score about one-hundred books, some long and some short. It always intrigues me when I look back over my reading from the years I worked many hours and compare it to my reading now that I am retired. It’s about the same. How did I go to work, at times with a very long commute, and only pause to read a few minutes each day over a hasty lunch at my desk, and actually read as much if not more than I am reading today?

Is it my aging eyes? The advent of digital readers? A diminishing attention span? Not enough vegetables in my diet?

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