God Does Make Junk

Here’s a thought:

enhanced-buzz-wide-29727-1446653979-7If human beings have sex only for procreation, then Man is just like any other animal on the earth … nothing special.

Now consider the myth that Man was created in the image of God. Where did the design for Man’s genitals come from? Which begs the following question: Is there a Mrs. God or does God carry around his own junk as a sign of a useless imperfection?

And one final thought: What part of intelligent design gave Man a foreskin that God later insisted be whacked, possibly correcting a flaw in the design?


GreedI started reading Elfriede Jelinek’s novel, Greed, and almost immediately was confused. The indirect narration by shifting narrators is hard to follow and in this novel there is very little direct exposition: everything is cloaked by the opinions of the narrator and even (fiction wise) by occasional authorial interjection. Two things helped me out: first I related the novel to novels by Robert Pinget whom I had already struggled with and conquered to some extent (also authors such as Joseph McElroy and Samuel Beckett); second, I read the publisher’s blurb on the novel and it gave me just enough of an insight into the narrative so as to keep me reading in the right spirit.

Here is that little summary:

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XFX: I’m Going To Happyland

HappylandWhat if a woman named Happy had an abusive childhood yet became the central figure in her own massively popular line of very expensive dolls imaginatively created with backstories designed to win the love and admiration of little girls all over the world. Then one day this powerful and very rich woman drives through a quaint village in upstate New York and decides to transform it into Happyland, creating a new home for her Happy Dolls and transforming the village into the ideal town based on the goodness and popularity of the Happy Dolls.

But the nice lady is a corporate vulture out to make the world conform to her wishes (and make a lot of money off it, of course).

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