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Will I Read or Be Shameless?

ShamelessIt’s May and the weather is gorgeous here in South Carolina. If you stop by I’ll be out on the lanai reading either on my iPad or with my wonderful new full-page lighted magnifier. Of course it’s still important to watch out for alligators; however, my most recent experience was a four-footer on my welcome mat when I opened the front door one morning last week. I had to call the alligator wrangler just to safely walk my dogs.

But the real question this month is whether I will make a large dent in the reading list I have selected or whether I will continue to lose myself on Netflix in nine years of the British series, Shameless. I must confess that I was reasonably pleased with the American version of Shameless on Showtime, but not enough to watch it regularly. Now I have seen the British original and going back to the American remake is a big letdown. William H. Macy is good but the actor playing Frank Gallagher on the British series is fantastic (in his drunken slovenliness).

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