Religion and Snow Crash

Just a note about the spread of religion as expressed in Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash:

Once he converts you to his religion, he can control you with me. And he can convert millions of people to his religion because it spreads like a fucking virus—people have no resistance to it because no one is used to thinking about religion, people aren’t rational enough to argue about this kind of thing. Basically, anyone who reads the National Enquirer or watches pro wrestling on TV is easy to convert. … We have a huge workforce that is illiterate or alliterate and relies on TV—which is sort of an oral tradition. And we have a small, extremely literate power elite … who understand that information is power, and who control society because they have this semi mystical ability to speak magic computer languages.

Snow Crash

You may accept the key point of this passage to be “no one is used to thinking about religion.” but I have a slightly wider view … “no one is used to thinking.”

Wanna know what me is? Gotta read the book …

Fiction Crash?

I have admitted many times that I do not, in general, enjoy reading Science Fiction. There are several titles, however, that although based in a world of future imagination, are still valuable explorations into the meaning of being human and the relationships between people and their world. But there are also too many simple “Dick and Jane” stories that have Jack go up the hill to fetch a zero-gravity canister full of anti-matter only to have Jill surprise him with a fully-charged blaster and a one-way ticket on the teleport to the bottom of the hill.

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